Efficacy & Tolerance

PEDIKUR-Lotion was tested by the independent Institute for allergy research DERMATEST in Münster/Germany.

The most important statements are:

“… The tolerance of the Pedikur tincture for the removal of calluses was, in all cases, and at each repeated application very good. In no case were there any signs of skin irritation or toxic reaction. The removal of the thickened plantar callused skin layers was efficient at each proper application and the hard skin so treated was easily removed as described. There were no injuries to the skin. …”

“… In summary, as a dermatological specialist, I can state that the Pedikur tincture for the removal of callused skin is very well tolerated when used properly and considerably reduces the layers of callused skin to which it is applied. …”

“… From a dermatologist’s point of view, diabetics will not encounter any problems at all with the product. …”