Why men need manicures and pedicures too

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  • November 27, 2020
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This may be news to you but men have hands and feet too.  Therefore, it is right to think they their hands and feet might need the same love and care that women offer to theirs.

Some men think that manicures and pedicures are a luxury for women, but actually they are a healthy and enjoyable part of a good grooming routine for all genders.  Plus, manicures and pedicures aren’t about get your nails painted, it is about making your hands and feet look and feel great.

Create a good impression

Most men will get a hair cut and a beard trim ahead of an important meeting, interview or special event.  A good manicure could easily become a part of grooming ritual to help create a good impression.

Clean and trimmed nails and supple hands make for a good handshake and tell people that you have made an effort.

Prevent nail issues

The same nail issues that happen to women happen to men too.  Ingrowing toe nails, split nails and hangnails are all part of the parcel of having toe and fingernails.  Regularly trimming and cleaning can prevent infections and deal with these issues quickly and appropriately.

Improve circulation

If you are prone to foot and hand issues, particularly in your bones and joints, then improving the circulation to these areas can really help.  Massage is a fundamental part of the mani and pedi process and is shown to improve circulation.

It is also good for those who participate in high impact sports such as running.  They can help increase blood flow to these areas to reduce pain and speed up recovery.

Soften hands and feet

If you do manual work either for a living or just for the odd DIY project, then you hands can quickly become rough and calloused.  This makes for abrasive handshakes and scratchy touches which aren’t enjoyable for other people.

Part of a manicure involves removing callouses and softening hands with a moisturiser.  The same goes for your feet too.  Soft feet mean that you can switch back to those silk bed sheets without snagging your feet on them every time you move.

Improve hygiene

Dry hands and feet are more susceptible to infections due to cracked an open skin.  A regular manicure and pedicure will remove the callouses and moisturise the dry skin to keep them soft.  This will mean that bacteria are less likely to get trapped in rough skin.