I just wanted to say how great your product is it’s totally cleared up my cracked heels and ball of my foot. M Perry February 2015

I’m an HPC registered podiatrist working in the NHS, and I am very impressed with this product as a home self care product. I wish all my patients used it ! Also as an aid to easier professional debraidment my goodness this product would make my job 100% easier, and for any private practitioners out there do not hesitate to use as an aid to treatment. The heels I treated, I easily scraped away the skin, and on the heel with deep fissures. I could probably have continued to reapply but as a professional I would possibly scalpel the remainder away, however the skin is already softer so would make my job so much easier. This is the easiest review I’ve ever done, as this product should sell itself … Don’t let the cost put you off as I used only a few drops and the product would last for ages ! K Brook September 2012

This product is excellent, I am a beauty therapist and have obviously tried and use numerous products etc To save on the amount of product I just soak split cotton pads in the solution and then apply to just the dry areas not the whole foot. I use this to soften my cuticles also. I just drop a couple of drops onto each fingernail and toenail leave for a minute and then gently push back the cuticles.

I have tried everything for my feet and Pedikur lotion is the only thing that truly works. It isn’t that messy, certainly not as messy as foot filings everywhere!

Absolutely brilliant! Never bought anything with such a fantastic and instant result! Beautiful feet with a minimum amount of effort! I use it on my clients and wouldn’t go back to using files any time soon

“This fantastic lotion from Pedikur is a dry skin and callous remover for the hands and feet. It is thorough and effective, and removes the need to use sharp blades. The lotion simply melts away any dry skin revealing soft feet underneath. It can also help to remove any staining on the skin. The Pedikur Lotion is a great way to make your pedicures as relaxing as possible even for clients with problem skin.”

Tried & Tested Beauty Guild Gazette November/December 2011 Issue

Wow what an excellent service, less than 24 hours from ordering and my feet already look fantastic. I couldn’t believe the speed of delivery. It was almost as if you had posted it before I had ordered. Many thanks for such a brilliant product and service I\’m going to tell the world about. Debbie 2011