Does the application damage healthy skin?

According to DERMATEST, damage to healthy skin is not to be expected.

What happens if I let the PEDIKUR lotion soak in too long?

When removing the cuticles during manicure, a slight yellowish decolouration was observed in rare cases after an application time of 10 minutes and more. This discoloration has a purely optical nature and does not impair the nail’s stability. It vanishes again in a few weeks.

No negative effects were observed during pedicure when exceeding the application time of 10-20 minutes.
However, you should observe the recommended application time in any case. Manicure 1, 2 to 3 or sometimes even 4 minutes � depending on the skin type (see online instructions Manicure). Around 20 minutes for softening the callused skin on the feet (online instructions Pedicure).

How does the PEDIKUR lotion work?

The callused skin is softened by the alkaline ingredients. Although the result can by no means be compared to a foot bath, the effect mechanism is similar.

Why is healthy skin not affected?

Healthy skin is protected by the acid mantle.


Can I also use the PEDIKUR lotion when I am suffering from allergies?

If you are suffering from allergies, please contact your medical specialist with the declaration of ingredients.


Do I have to wash my feet before treatment?

NO – you may not wash your feet under any circumstances prior to the treatment! In order for the PEDIKUR lotion to work, it must be applied to dry skin. If you wash your feet beforehand, the callus cells soak themselves full of water. The PEDIKUR lotion cannot soak in and remains ineffective.
Excess sweating on the feet has just as an adverse effect as water in this context. If you suffer from this condition, let your feet dry up 1 to 2 hours first prior to the treatment with the PEDIKUR lotion.


Why do I have to take cotton wool?

Cotton wool can be easily divided into a thin layer to enable economic use of the lotion. Thick cotton wool just soaks up unnecessarily without benefiting your feet. Additionally, cotton wool soaked with the PEDIKUR lotion “sticks” better than artificial cotton wool.


Can I also use Kleenex or cotton pads?

Kleenex handkerchiefs are too thin. They do not soak up enough lotion for the entire treatment time. Cotton pads are often compressed and soak up unnecessary amounts of lotion. Stick with the thin layers of cotton wool, which is available for little money at every drugstore/chemist.


Can I also apply PEDIKUR lotion on my children?

In principle yes. However, it is questionable whether it makes sense to remove callused skin on children for aesthetic reasons.
In case you notice any changes on your child’s skin, please consult your physician first and obtain a proper diagnosis! Do not try out various “potions” (also not PEDIKUR) on your children!!
PEDIKUR lotion has no place in the hands of children! As the lotion contains alkali, you have to avoid any contact with the eyes (cornea). Risk of blindness!!

Observe the online instructions for treatment!

Can I take a footbath after treatment with the PEDIKUR lotion?

Yes – as a matter of fact, you should! At least rinse your feet thoroughly. A subsequent footbath with select ingredients is of course especially effective, as these ingredients are now absorbed directly in the healthy skin. After all, you have removed the callused skin, which normally prevents these ingredients from penetrating.

Can I also apply the PEDIKUR lotion on bad fissures?

If the skin is intact, yes. Do not use the PEDIKUR lotion on broken skin. Let the injuries heal well first.


What do I do if I have sensitive skin?

You should only use the PEDIKUR lotion on extremely sensitive skin after consulting with your physician.


Can I also use another herbal balm than the one by PEDIKUR?

In principle, yes. However, make sure that you use a special cream developed for feet and that the ingredients do not harm you. When making your purchase, make sure to select paraffin-free products and products without emulsifiers on PEG basis.
Also consider special ingredients that the skin needs in this heavily stressed region. And last but not least � compare the prices. We are sure that the herbal balm by PEDIKUR will be your preferred choice.


Can I also use the PEDIKUR lotion on my face?

No – even if you notice manifestations on your face or other areas of your skin that look similar to callused skin, it is most likely that this is a different kind of skin problem. In such cases, please consult your physician who is familiar with the correct treatment.


Does the PEDIKUR lotion also work with warts?

No – warts are virus infections of the skin and cannot be removed with the PEDIKUR lotion. The typical callus, however, that forms on the warts (e. g. on the foot), can be softened like common callused skin with the PEDIKUR lotion and afterwards removed as described in the online instructions.