Pedicures are good for your health: here’s why

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  • November 27, 2020
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We all know that pedicures make us feel great and our feet look beautiful, but are there any real health benefits to a regular pedicure?

Well it turns out that there are!  Here are the top four health benefits of regular pedicures:

1. Infection prevention

Dry feet covered in hard skin in more prone to cracking.  When the skin cracks this can create open wound that can more easily trap bacteria.  If you combine this with an inconsistent feet cleaning schedule, then it can be a recipe for infection.

However, a regular pedicure means that you feet are cleaned and moisturised reducing the risk of cracks and trapped bacteria.  Furthermore, toe nail maintenance and trimming will reduce the risk of ingrowing toe nails and the associated infections there.

2. Helps circulation

Most pedicures include a foot and lower leg massage.  Even if you are doing them yourself there is no reason why you cannot include this as part of your routine.

This massaging helps circulation in your feet and this in turn can help prevent pain, arthritis, and varicose veins.  Good circulation also helps keep your body warm too.  So if you are prone to cold feet, then make sure you include foot massage in your pedicure.

3.  Good nail health

Nails are a big part of a good pedicure.  If you want beautiful and healthy feet, then taking care of your nails has to be a big part of that.  Regularly clipping and buffing of nails, improves blood circulation which allows for necessary vitamins to flow more freely.

4.  Stress relief

We should not overlook the relaxation benefits of pedicure.  Even when performing a DIY pedicure, it will feel great to put the time and effort into making your feet look and feel great.  

Mental health is just as important as physical health, so taking the time to do something that gives you a boost is a wonderful act of self-care.