Hints for diabetics

Good footcare is especially important for diabetics.

In view of the importance of good footcare, it is astonishing that only every 10th diabetic has his/her feet examined regularly.

Our recommendation: examine your feet carefully once a day! Use a mirror if necessary. Pay attention to dents, swellings, redness and tears in the skin. Also examine the skin between your feet carefully. Consult a physician when you note even the slightest changes.

If you decide to care for your feet yourself, avoid using razor blades, callus rasps, rough or coarse files and callus planes to remove calluses. The risk of injury is too high. Pumice stones may also damage healthy skin when used excessively due to their coarse structure.

It is much safer to remove calluses with the PEDIKUR lotion. To do so, first soften the callused skin with the lotion in order to then carefully scrape off the softened callused skin from the healthy skin with a blunt object (e. g. our special scraper). Please refer to the online instruction manual for this purpose.

In case of doubt, please contact your medical specialist!


Hints for allergic persons

If you suffer from allergies, please contact your medical specialist with the details of the ingredients.


Hints for those with haemophelia

Haemophilia is a hereditary blood coagulation disorder, which mainly affects men. In case of an injury, it takes a lot longer for the bleeding to stop than with healthy people. This also applies to so-called “artificial bleeders”, whose blood coagulation is impaired by drugs (e. g. Aspirin or Marcumar).

In principle, the same applies for this group of persons as for diabetics when it comes to the removal of calluses.