Understanding foot reflex zones

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  • November 27, 2020
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Our feet are the mirror of our body. Numerous old cultures in the east and west already knew about the healing effect of a feet pressure massage more than 5000 years ago.

With a group of physicians and therapists, the American physician Dr. Fitzgerald checked and systematised the passed on foot zones and their effect for years. He is regarded as the father of the “zone therapy” and published his work by the same name in English in 1917.

So what do foot reflex zones have to do with callus problems?

Just like a properly performed foot reflex zone massage is beneficial, the uncomfortable irritation of a callused dent in the skin has a negative effect on the rest of the body.

For that reason, we have included a “map” of the foot reflex zones. If you have dents on your feet, have a look at which regions of your body this affects. You may find answers to so far unsolved questions.