100ml Neem Oil


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100ml Neem Oil

Ingredients : Ingredients : 100% Pure Neem Oil


Our  Neem Oil has a high 1500pm azadirachtin content. It is the  azadirachtin within the neem oil that create the benefits, so having a high concentration of 1500pm  azadirachtin  defines our neem oil as a quality, premium product.

Neem has been used extensively by mankind to treat various ailments before the availability of written records which recorded the beginning of history.

Neem oil is valued in cosmetics, handy in home products, an excellent ingredient in cosmetics and pet care products and a blessing to organic farmers, stables and gardeners everywhere.

A true multi-purpose oil the uses are seemingly endless. Some popular uses include making/adding/using as a base for waxes, oils, creams, soaps, shampoos for humans and pets alike.


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