Pedikur Herbal Hand & Foot Cream

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Pedikur Herbal Hand & Foot Cream

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Pedikur Herbal Hand & Foot Cream is especially created for use after your Pedikur Lotion treatment.

This moisturising hand and foot cream with Sage, Thyme & Rosemary will help to maintain the results achieved with the lotion.

Apply sparingly at least twice a week to your hands and feet.   For deep moisturising of the feet, apply every night before climbing in bed.  This will maintain the effects of your last pedicure and prevent drying and cracking between treatments.

On hands, this herbal cream can be used as an overnight treatment or during the day as a barrier cream.  Great for regular hand-washing.


3 reviews for Pedikur Herbal Hand & Foot Cream

  1. Jessica

    Love this cream! It’s great to find a foot cream that doesn’t smell of mint.

  2. Barbra

    Provata su QVC Italia ottima .. ne vorrei 3

  3. Valentina

    I find its scent is incredibly fresh and balsamic, its effect extremely long-lasting. I usually need it once or twice a week, this is to tell how effective it is. I may look quite small but from my experience, a bit goes a long way!

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